causes of #homosexuality

Of all arguments for and against homosexuality,  on the basis of religion and science (another religion for some apparently) with none of them actually proven in the favor of it. Here are observational facts.

What Causes Male Homosexuality?
Summary: The psychological and scientific communities provide much speculation but few reliable answers about the causes of same-sex attraction. Our many years of experience suggest a clearer perspective.

Statement From The American Psychological Association (APA)
The official explanation from the APA says that there is no consensus about what causes homosexuality. But we have observed eight predisposing factors that are common in the backgrounds of men with same-sex attraction. [ MORE ]

1. Unhealthy Childhood Relationships With Females
Females can wound young boys by smothering, criticizing, controlling, and ignoring proper boundaries. Some boys who have experienced such wounding develop unhealthy relationships with women in adulthood in which they either push them too far away or hold them too close. [ MORE ]

2. Distorted Concepts of Gender
Unhealthy childhood relationships with females can distort a man’s view of the female gender, affect how he sees himself in relation to women, damage his sense of masculinity, and prevent the natural development of a sense of genderedness. This can leave the individual without a sense of the opposite sex as complementary and attractive. [ MORE ]

3. Feeling Incongruent With One’s Own Gender
Feeling incongruent with what a man believes his gender requires may create a psychologically unstable situation, resulting in the unconscious mind compensating through fixations or attractions toward males and masculinity. [ MORE ]

4. Problems In Relationships With Other Males
During childhood, some boys disconnect from other males due to negative experiences with males, negative stereotypes about males, and fear of being seen as strange. This leaves their normal needs for same-sex connection and bonding unmet, resulting in longings and cravings for male closeness. [ MORE ]

5. Sexual Conditioning
Sexual desire can be conditioned through pairing specific stimuli with sexual arousal. Male-on-male sexual abuse and early exposure to male pornography may create or intensify homosexual arousal for some boys. [ MORE ]

6. Sexual Abuse
In addition to its potential role in conditioning sexual arousal, sexual abuse can create or intensify gender incongruity, disaffiliation from other males, and if the perpetrator is female, fear or hatred of women. It may also create repetitive patterns of compulsive sexual behavior. [ MORE ]

7. Certain Biological and Physical Issues
Research on direct biological and genetic causes of homosexuality is inconclusive. But our experience suggests that certain biological factors can have an important indirect impact by affecting other parts of the developmental pathway. [ MORE ]

8. Certain Emotional and Psychological Problem
Certain emotional and psychological issues may increase the likelihood of developing homosexuality. These issues probably don’t play a causal role, but may intensify the effect of other predisposing factors, particularly gender incongruity, same-sex disaffiliation, sexual conditioning, and sexual abuse. [ MORE ]


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