#Taliban must prove they are #muslims

“If you want to live here, you will have to live by OUR laws and constitution
Otherwise you will not find an inch of land on our soil even for your grave”

by Yasser Latif Hamdani:

My 14 points in response to Taliban’s 15 demands:

1. Surrender.
2. Face trial for your crimes against the state
3. Compensate your victims under Qisas and Diyat.
4. Apologize to the entire world especially Pakistanis.
5. Deposit your weapons with the Pakistan Army
6. Name your handlers both in Pakistan and abroad
7. Rebuild all the schools you blew up.
8. Rebuild all the mosques, churches and Sikh Gurduwaras you blew up.
9. Confess to being child molesters and rapists.
10. Deposit all your funds in the state treasury so that these can be used to build girls schools in your area.
11. Admit that what you did was un-Islamic and against Shariat.
12. Repent
13. Take a shower.
14. Agree to voluntary castration.
15. Recite Kalma in its true spirit and become muslims if u claim to be. Else u r free to practice ur religion (whatever it is).


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