#WhyIHateGEOWithPassion is cos they promote the belief  that It is better to be divided in american services by truth than to be united in patriotic error.

On 11th of May 2014, a gathering of conservative wanna be progressive parties is taking place in Islamabad where otherwise inactive,  dazed, confused, marginalized  right wing forces and so called political parties like PTI, JI, APML etc along with  Tahir ul Qadri, at the behest of establishment, will raise the cry of GEO’s anti patriotic agendas. 

Pakistan is an idiotic country. No side you pick is good enough!! I wonder what will be the ULTIMATE tragedy of Pakistan with this opinion making of the privileged & federal imbalance? why the so called erudites wd rather break the country as in 1971, confront useful dams like kalabagh, be divided by truth (whatever that is in this propaganda age) than be united in error or doubt!!


 Please be a part of this dialogue if you have a thinking brain.



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