my Karachi- my head


Alchemy of Joy : bar dikkhawwa

A conversation between two friends, who are poles aprt in everything but their friendship! we ll call them Person A, and Person B.

The person B: is a passive aggressive, or accepts the role of, a victim.

The person A: is actually type A personality, pressures, coerces or persecutes , and often seeks person C if themselves not playing the “rescuer” who intervenes to help the situation of the underdog improve! in this case Searching for the right one!

Person A: Metaphysics is truly powerful!

Person B: ahan!

Peron A: our thoughts process gets our mind to achieve what it is we universally and ultimately desire!

Person B: ahan! and whats that?

Person A: joy!! so what do you want??

Person B: DUNNO!!

Person A: lets sort it out now.

Person B: …it d be easier if i actually had it all sorted!!

Person A: give it a shot!!

Person B: …..

Person A: ok! You abhor whiny types so that’s a category!!

Person B: hmmm

Person A: Physically? some one …muscular or toned? like x?

Person B Not really….!! and x is ….
Person A: …classy/ formal?
Person B: yeah…. totally!!and…..traditional or conventional

Person A: …outdoorsy?
Person B: hmmm.

Person A: intelligent or intellectual?
Person B: well does formal education matter anymore?

Person A: well that has its own disadvantages! so think abt it! everything will be analysed! and you dont want the rest of your life in a courtroom.

Person B: I would be ok. if a guy is actually soft-hearted or sensitive too

Person A: ok. then ….trendy, stylish, or urban?
Person B: why do i look a paindoo to you?
Person A: not necessary a villager!! there are urban paindoos too!!

Person B: Too modest or innocent is kind of a creepy fake dark depressing constipated scenario.
Person A: ahaan! ok so..confident….not metrosexual but ….well-groomed

Person A: Age?
Person B: Nope! Sense of humor, sleep habits, energy levels!

Person A: OH KAAAY….sexually suggestive or seductive? (laughs)
Person B: If by that you mean flirty then hell yeah! not with others but me i.e

Person A ok final question: …upbeat?.. or very serious?
Person B: i want person x!


saeen tu saeen , saeen ka interview

English translation of lyrics

Akbar Jatoi Jalbani is my name

Driving a Pajero and chilling is my dream

I’m so rich I can fart out money

I’ll show you now (fart) see?!

A gold Rado watch and my black suit is starched

Girls look at me and say “Ooh la la”

Hair all set, with oil in it

Compared to my moustache, yours has failed

The cool boys always want to hate me

Cause I get all the cute girls

Girl, I will make you the princess of Dadu (my village)

Verssis (Versace) shoes and Armaanri (Armani) sweater


A feudal lord’s son, a feudal lord’s son

I am

a feudal lord’s, a feudal lord’s


High five! Your *** is black

All my results from nursery to grade 10 are fake

I have a different way to impress the ladies

“Come over here I’ll show you a real man”

My dad wants me to become a parliamentary minister

But I want Sharmeela’s younger sister

I have lots of power and control

“Dad can I get my allowance today?”

I have 10 bodyguards who are always ready

Will put a false case on you and put you in prison

Once you’re in jail, you will yell out “NOOO!”

Boy, Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen but even Saeen’s dogs a saeen


Feudal’s son, feudal’s son

I am

Feudal’s son, feudals son


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his clothes are saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his car’s a saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his smokes are saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his friends are saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even Vital Saeens is saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his girlfriends a saeen


I swear, its very hot. Somebody get me one glass of lassi (dairy drink), so my heart can cool off (sigh).