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“Who are we to say getting incested or abused or violated or any of those things can’t have their positive aspects in the long run? … You have to be careful of taking a knee-jerk attitude. Having a knee-jerk attitude to anything is a mistake, especially in the case of women, where it adds up to this very limited and condescending thing of saying they’re fragile, breakable things that can be destroyed easily. Everybody gets hurt and violated and broken sometimes. Why are women so special? Not that anybody ought to be raped or abused, nobody’s saying that, but that’s what is going on. What about afterwards? All I’m saying is there are certain cases where it can enlarge you or make you more of a complete human being, like Viktor Frankl. Think about the Holocaust. Was the Holocaust a good thing? No way. Does anybody think it was good that it happened? No, of course not. But did you read Viktor Frankl? Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning? It’s a great, great book, but it comes out of his experience. It’s about his experience in the human dark side. Now think about it, if there was no Holocaust, there’d be no Man’s Search for Meaning… . Think about it. Think about being degraded and brought within an inch of your life, for example. No one’s gonna say the sick bastards who did it shouldn’t be put in jail, but let’s put two things into perspective here. One is, afterwards she knows something about herself that she never knew before. What she knows is that the most totally terrible terrifying thing that she could ever have imagined happening to her has now happened, and she survived. She’s still here, and now she knows something. I mean she really, really knows. Look, totally terrible things happen… . Existence in life breaks people in all kinds of awful fucking ways all the time, trust me I know. I’ve been there. And this is the big difference, you and me here, cause this isn’t about politics or feminism or whatever, for you this is just ideas, you’ve never been there. I’m not saying nothing bad has ever happened to you, you’re not bad looking, I’m sure there’s been some sort of degradation or whatever come your way in life, but I’m talking Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning type violation and terror and suffering here. The real dark side. I can tell from just looking at you, you never. You wouldn’t even wear what you’re wearing, trust me.
What if I told you it was my own sister that was raped? What if I told you a little story about a sixteen-year-old girl who went to the wrong party with the wrong guy and four of his buddies that ended up doing to her just about everything four guys could do to you in terms of violation? But if you could ask her if she could go into her head and forget it or like erase the tape of it happening in her memory, what do you think she’d say? Are you so sure what she’d say? What if she said that even after that totally negative as what happened was, at least now she understood it was possible. People can. Can see you as a thing. That people can see you as a thing, do you know what that means? Because if you really can see someone as a thing you can do anything to him. What would it be like to be able to be like that? You see, you think you can imagine it but you can’t. But she can. And now she knows something. I mean she really, really knows.
This is what you wanted to hear, you wanted to hear about four drunk guys who knee-jerk you in the balls and make you bend over that you didn’t even know, that you never saw before, that you never did anything to, that don’t even know your name, they don’t even know your name to find out you have to choose to have a fucking name, you have no fucking idea, and what if I said that happened to ME? Would that make a difference?”
― David Foster WallaceBrief Interviews with Hideous Men


Low Concept : High Cost

A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy.

Aldous Huxley

Of humor: soul’s weapons in a fight for self-preservation

It is well known that humor, more than anything else in the human make-up, can afford an aloofness and an ability to rise above any situation, even if only for a few seconds. … The attempt to develop a sense of humor and to see things in a humorous light is some kind of a trick learned while mastering the art of living. Yet it is possible to practice the art of living even in a concentration camp, although suffering is omnipresent.


While Pakistanis drink deeply from the cup of bitterness, hopelessness, & rage. Until we learn to say it like it is, follow the truth, we shall drink from no other cup!!


Islam means safety. The one who accepts islam, accepts safety.

The one who feels safe spreads safety, doesnt act otherwise. Just like a perfumed person fills their environment with perfume a true muslim will fill their environment with safety and goodness.

IF for any reason my environment and myself are not recieving this safety and goodness then i am to question whether i have come into islam in the right manner.

~ Ashfaq Ahmed: distinguished pakistani spiritualist thinker, writer, playwright, intellectual and more

after independence, 2 nation theory Pakistan ka matlab kya

I strongly believe Blasphemy laws should ONLY apply to Muslims and never on NONmuslims anyway!

infact! women are sacred too there should be blasphemy rights for disrespecting women! and why not?
the top seat of govt is sacred too, their should be blasphemy rights for governing Pakistan also!!

add to it police, health, banks , corporate, media, judiciary, army should all come under blasphemy rights!! humans are sacred too!!!!

Thanks to poor leadership and lack of vision  after the founders of Pakistan, our intellectual custodians, ethnic distribution and intolerance, religious tendencies taking over professional matters,  the military mullah ittehad and constant American interference with our security matters, following the end of the tug of cold war Pakistan got distracted seriously as a ntion and forgot that the success of a nation actually lies not just in one linear dogmatic ideology but in the successive progressive realization of not unworthy but worthy goals!!

dilemmas of a failed nation!

saeen tu saeen , saeen ka interview

English translation of lyrics

Akbar Jatoi Jalbani is my name

Driving a Pajero and chilling is my dream

I’m so rich I can fart out money

I’ll show you now (fart) see?!

A gold Rado watch and my black suit is starched

Girls look at me and say “Ooh la la”

Hair all set, with oil in it

Compared to my moustache, yours has failed

The cool boys always want to hate me

Cause I get all the cute girls

Girl, I will make you the princess of Dadu (my village)

Verssis (Versace) shoes and Armaanri (Armani) sweater


A feudal lord’s son, a feudal lord’s son

I am

a feudal lord’s, a feudal lord’s


High five! Your *** is black

All my results from nursery to grade 10 are fake

I have a different way to impress the ladies

“Come over here I’ll show you a real man”

My dad wants me to become a parliamentary minister

But I want Sharmeela’s younger sister

I have lots of power and control

“Dad can I get my allowance today?”

I have 10 bodyguards who are always ready

Will put a false case on you and put you in prison

Once you’re in jail, you will yell out “NOOO!”

Boy, Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen but even Saeen’s dogs a saeen


Feudal’s son, feudal’s son

I am

Feudal’s son, feudals son


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his clothes are saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his car’s a saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his smokes are saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his friends are saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even Vital Saeens is saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his girlfriends a saeen


I swear, its very hot. Somebody get me one glass of lassi (dairy drink), so my heart can cool off (sigh).


The only way out is Through!

In silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and watch how the pattern improves.
Transformation: By Jalaluddin Rumi.

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Chapter 2

When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises
When it knows good as good, evil arises
Thus being and non-being produce each other
Difficult and easy bring about each other
Long and short reveal each other
High and low support each other
Music and voice harmonize each other
Front and back follow each other
Therefore the sages:
Manage the work of detached actions
Conduct the teaching of no words
They work with myriad things but do not control
They create but do not possess
They act but do not presume
They succeed but do not dwell on success
It is because they do not dwell on success
That it never goes away