A bit On Noon Sharif

someone asked what i thought about the above. [An “amazing” discovery that reveals that ITTEFAQ FOUNDRIES of Nawaz Sharif (Leader PML-N) has not paid Rs. 40,436,412.00 PKR = $445,728.39 USD to LESCO for using electricity from last 106 months ]

i cant condemn tinda shareefs’ corruption any more than our own “sufi” prez. theres more in KPk and Baluchistan, come to think of it, civil wars dont happen in a country unless theres this much “zulm” on a nation!! :/

“People will redefine themselves when circumstances make it desirable or when circumstances force it on them”. Dorian

This is current situation of political and actually economic affairs of Pakistan. Take the recent Pakhtunkhwah, for instance. And before that Baluchistan and before that Karachi and before that Kashmir. Before that the northern areas (FATA) and even before them ALL. The establishment of Pakistan.

The great Punjab today is divided between Juttistan of chaudhries and Buttistan of Nawaz Sharif. The reason is that the Butt of Kashmir (noon sharif ) is the most respected suffix in the names of the representatives of MSULIM LEAGUE (Noon) of Punjab today. Which by abstracted accounts the second largest party of s Pakistan and is currently keeping all options open by being politically correct.

The Noons dont have any thing bad to say about ANY ONE except Zardari from time to time and pervaiz musharraf (the arch enemy). Not even Taliban!!!Them they have a soft corner for!(perhaps for love of his political godfather the gen zia- who was guess also a dictator, bt unlike Musharraf even more screwed up)

Has nawaz sharif matured in last 4 years? No one can say, because no one knows much about him in depth. A private man in “service” with a 27 year old political career that started with the help of a dictator, the grounds on which the feud between the PPP and them helped the musical power chair business for two decades.

We still don’t know much about Mr Sharif except that he likes to eat phajjai ke Pai or any food for that matter. What does he like to read? if at all?, what are his political role models except gen Zia, countries he like except Saudi Arabia?, does he believe in the islamaization of Pakistan as declared by the Taliban or does he believe in the Quaid-e-Azams Pakistan, while currently leading a party that was formed by him in his name.

Who are his consultants? On foreign policy, internal matters( and ahem food). On surface it seems to be his family. Who we first noticed in the name of abba ji, then his bros shahbaz and abbass sharif then wife kulsoom nawaz, then Hussein his son, then his damaad capt safdar then shabzs son hamza. Clearly the noon league is all sorted out for the future liken PPP.

The reason is, his advisors are primarily the Kashmiris of Lahore and larger Punjab. What does that mean? We don’t know. what does that community think of larger Pakistan? but its true fact that in Punjab if your name contains the suffix of Butt, Mir, Loan, Khwaja , Dar or Banday ( who are all, related whatever their religion on either side of the border mind you.) Your problems will be solved in a jiffy.)

Can he understand or devise a plan for the new lifestyle that educated liberal working class Pakistan has adopted. The severe distrust of the Democracy for the sake of democracy?

At that he cannot always be the sheikh of Raiwand palace neither will he ever be called his excellency ameer ul momineen, badshah in a Pakistan of revolution

the truth is that an increasingly ageing Mr. sharif is being as vague he wants to be until his party comes into power. He might not want to become prime-minister but he will make sure that one from his relative does control power so he can get back his grievances ( from whoever).

He currently gauges public response through his brother Shahbaz sharif who in an attempt to become Mustafa Kamal of Lahore nearly had costed 80 billions to Punjab government

Seems like noon has decided like MQM to learn from past mistakes and is increasingly among popular decisions. Severely against Pervaiz Musharraf. And Resisting future army intervention, keeping it neutral with US despite meeting up with its delegates at Raiwand.

Ignoring the Saraiki middle class that has since long reacted to the threat to their language and identity and set out to develop an ethno-national consciousness in order to resist the assimilation of their ethnic group and language.

When does tis ball get rolling no one knows