Low Concept : High Cost

A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy.

Aldous Huxley


Of politics, globalism, democracy and religion. A sunday post.

We are taught to think of utopia, in the name of an american dream, the paradise and life here after. We are taught money is what makes the world go around, some say allah makes the world go around, and rest say lusting after land, waelth, commodities, and women is what makes the world go around.

Money is the world’s common denominator after politics of religion, migration and wars on all scales,media is also part of the equation but more as a variable than a constant.

Politics.  Social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power!! is what makes the world go around for the crafty ones in the name of “social service”

So “humanism” or the real quality of being human actually unites us. But we have politics and people who play it divide us in opinions of differences, in the name  of race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, marriage, relationships, religion, culture, colour, nationality, language, and sects. these politicians train themselves to speak eloquently on highlighting these differneces. the diffrenecs being misunderstanding of cultural social expressions highlighted to create enemies.

Some times they shed tears, show national integrity by false or exaggerated tales of  superiority and grandeur and pride. with their party flags they yell and scream to tech us how to find differences and how to learn to hate and then they shout how these differences divide us and how those in presence should be united in this division.

Democracy is an art of divide and rule in the name of globalisation, religions, wars and resources of the land.

on the edge of a flip out

we know we are a high strung nation! Our minds are so constricted like a tight muscle—we can’t expect it to move as long as it’s cramped.  we are “intense” or “hardcore” in every NATIONAL situation of our lives!  We have wailed our way through every national crises instead of just plain old breathing, waiting, thinking and seeing, putting an action that materialized through any consensus into a historic and global perspective. 

our depression started as we developed under abusive egotistical and self-centered leadership, . we are always very anxious and not necessarily able to experience happiness or any kind of fun or whatever we never had time to form our own identity, if you like, or recover from our development we are so confused, don’t know who we are or what we are. And we don’t have anybody in us, or  around us who we knew before,  so we are not seeing our self reflected back at our leaders.. Its a massive identity crisis. Being Pakistani is living constantly on the edge of a flip out.

We exhaust our self ..and, well, we exhaust other countries sometimes too. We all get this patriotic energy going, and it goes in the wrong directions for example our political, ethnic and religious vision dont ever match up with our fellow citizens at large to bring about a real change! our  politicians sit on media channels having all kinds of crazy shouting matches and do nothing but suck us and our resources dry.

Every political differences is a personal attack to our politicians and is a huge crisis on their larger than lives egos, we don’t believe in modesty and humility. Our diverging political, ethnic and religious visions are ACTUALLY  a matter of do or die. The things that make us who we have become are a result of years and years of  old conditioning of public opinion,  religious outworn beliefs, ritualized thinking, social habits, political inertia, fear of future and low expectations from just about anything in life.

but i still love Pakistan and i love being Pakistani!

gog magog and demagogue

You see it every where,

  Photo: can you disagree?

The following checklist is designed to help detect the deliberately propagandistic elements in any speech, sermon, or other public proclamation or communication.

What differentiates demagogic propaganda from straight talk is the attempt to fog and manipulate the audience’s awareness instead of appealing to its rationality and realism, those qualities upon which every democracy depends.


Therefore the more of the following that are present, the more underhanded the communique. All forms of demagogy seek to unify one group at the expense of another while convincing the audience of the necessity for doing so. Psychologically, all when deliberate are expressions of pathological immaturity laced with aggressive, paranoid impulses. 














  1. Hypnotic rhythms (“We will be strong, we will unite, we will not fail….”) intended to lull the attention into trancelike suggestibility.
  2. Scapegoating: the attempt to “otherize” a given population (e.g. the Mexicans, the Arabs, those who don’t share our views). Psychotherapists call this dynamic projection, an evacuation of our darker motives onto handy opponents.
  3. Sweeping generalizations and oversimplifications. Free trade will erase poverty, more weapons will win the war on terror, banning assault rifles is an attack on personal freedom, etc.
  4. Black-and-white categorization (we are good, they are evil; we’re right, you’re wrong).
  5. A tone of sanctimonious moralizing.
  6. Noble-sounding justifications for rigidity, oppression, intolerance, incompetence, indifference, or violence.
  7. The replacement of concrete details with vague appeals to traditional values (patriotism, family, God, church).
  8. Intolerance of disagreement (“you’re either with us or against us”).
  9. The branding of the adult capacity for critical self-examination as misguided, unpatriotic, or disloyal.
  10. Group narcissism disguised as loyalty (our truth is the only Truth; we are Number One; etc.).
  11. No room given to healthy self-doubt or the recognition of ambiguous realities in a given situation.
  12. Recurrent appeals to the “self-defense” argument as a justification for domination.
  13. A childlike assumption of entitlement.
  14. A childlike sense of omnipotence.
  15. Euphemisms (e.g., “targeted defense” rather than “assassination”; “spiritual guidance” and not “intimidation”).
  16. Imposition of group norms described in terms of unity and solidarity (we do this for the good of all).
  17. Minimization of the potential dangers of one’s actions; whitewashing of unjust consequences.
  18. Peer pressure, subtle or outright.
  19. Threats, implied or overt.
  20. Blaming the opponent for one’s own aggressive actions

our world in 16 pictures

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seduction of propaganda logic, our current affairs world in 16 pictures

Sympathy For The Devil

ELECTRICITY shortages in Pakistan have costed people their deserved salaries, jobs , as well as businesses, even peace pf mind at home, severely degrading their financial, and obviously mental health leading to not to mention general deteriorated quality of life. People are taking to the streets and burning tyres to register their anguish. even committing suicides, finding no way out.

But what to say that Dr. Asim isnt botheresd about that! he doesnt have to deal with these “individual” issues of power, water, betterment of citizens lifestyles, health, education, employment, security or development needs, NOPE, he has a got a “bigger picture” in his head obeying his “boss”  kickback, election ticket auctions, new political pawns, new  martyrs, new alliances, next government, after thats what a heavily mandated democrazy means right?!


English speaking rap song called awaam

mushrooming of type songs now…funky , English speaking c-walking lot neo revolutionists, , sprinkled with, abusive language, dunno whether to laugh or cry! 

new hit on social media with offers from corporation buyout, in comments LOL!  wish it was REALLY about intelligent debate in Pakistan, WITH people genuinely interested in discussing the best way to govern our country, the political process should be your KASUTI. The only problem is: our democratic elections aren’t merited or decided by the the educatedly or the wise— they’re decided by common hapless Pakistanis who probably watch songs like these and stay the same. So here it is, another example  full of saeen rhetoric and in case they don’t make more songs like these , lacking substance, what are your other options on media any way? hero tv?! or politicians like mullahs shouting match over an irrelevant topic or insulting each other, and enjoy living in a world in which ttp mullahs  are formidable contender for supreme political power. I wish we could think about politics without our heads exploding. yet!! “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” said PLATO.