Karachi back for Capital of Pakistan

As some one whose first love is a peacefull progressive Karachi in a strong Pakistan. i dont find at all difficult writing abt karachi which should be restored to its 100+ yrs old capital city status.

Whether travelling into or out side Pakistan, Karachi is an important gate way of an entire region. Karachi is Pakistan open connection to world, and hence the lifestyle here is more progressive, multilingual and multi-cutural, rooted deep with in its physical fabric, Karachi’s psychology affects not only Pakistan but also impacts the region at large. It was the capital city of Pakistan in the region for various reasons. (read short history here ) National, geographical and stretegic wisdom suggests that it should be restored to its pre-1959  and post 1880 status for a larger goodness.

Different parts of Karachi are so cutoff from each other socially culturally and economically that development of no go areas is almost natural! scheme of things! the political and administrative rhetoric is so biased and self centered that it ignores the local  reality and capabilities!  but then if we hv done the same w the country , what to say of just a city!

I love Karachi i have lived here all my life i have been part of its political setups, its the most pragmatic and efficient city i know, what can work here and what cannot is debatable, but Romanticism of a Sindhi city wont. As much as i love Sindhi culture, mysticism, and language.  Here is what i propose as a citizen, a woman, an architect, a planner, a painter, and a thinker. People could/and have a right to disagree.


Restore Karachi as the capital of Pakistan. post 1880 style.

Restore Karachi’s road system and highway networks.

Restore KCR Karachi circular railways system.

Develop new and faster infrastructure  in Karachi

Develop cottage industries in karachi

A political organisation represents the urdu speaking and middle class ethnicities of karachi.
But Karachi belongs to the english speaking!! English is an unofficial language of Karachi! ;P
Karachi must have independent administrative unit/ local government for its sanity

Make an environmental plan for karachi, Plant more and more trees, clean the beaches, save the mangroves, save the indus,  save the lyarai and malir naddi in Karachi. Make Karachi a walk able city.

Make more public spaces free for all, make them beautiful allow people to own and be active in them, allow room for creativity, distraction, solitude, retrospection, and love ask me how. 

save Karachi animals

Develop large trash recycling centers in Karachi, that produce recycled products!

Develop crises and disaster management centers in Karachi, restore civil defense and scouting activities in karachi.

Make Karachi more colorful. Ask me how.

Allow more women workforce, into handiwork, industry etc women are strongest force in karachi

Organize and regularize all shanty town, squatter settlements/Katchiabadis. Those that need be removed should be replaced with low income housing by govt pvt sector partnership, OPP (Orangi pilot project) style.

let karachi be progressive, educated, multicultural, multi- ethnicity, thriving port city.

Let Gawaderport develop, let as many ports between Sindh and Baluchistan flourish to help Baluchistan grow and lessen burden from karachi, and control employed population influx into Karachi.


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